P&O Ferries Freight

  • P&O Ferries Freight
    P&O Ferries Freight

    Find and book a ferry with P&O Ferries Freight

  • P&O Ferries Freight
    P&O Ferries Freight

    Find and book a ferry with P&O Ferries Freight

  • P&O Ferries Freight
    P&O Ferries Freight

    Find and book a ferry with P&O Ferries Freight

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Find information and prices on P&O Ferries freight services. Book a P&O Ferries freight crossing online with instant email ticketing.

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P&O Ferries freight routes:

Dover - Calais
Hull -Zeebrugge
Hull - Rotterdam
Cairnyan - Larne
Liverpool -Dublin
Teesport - Rotterdam *
Teesport - Zeebrugge *
Tilbury - Zeebrugge *

* Dedicated freight-only sailings.


Shortest Crossing:

Most Popular Route:

P&O Ferries Freight Routes

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    P&O Ferries is one of Europe's most well known ferry operators carrying over 1.85 million freight units per year across their network of routes.

    P&O Ferries Freight - Driver Information:

    Between Dover and Calais, P&O Ferries offer up to 30 sailings per day. An "open ticket" system is in operation meaning you will travel on the first avilable ferry once you have completed check-in procedures. When booking online please select the approximate time you expect to travel.

    On the North Sea, P&O Ferries offer combined passenger and freight services between Hull & Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. In addition, freight drivers are also able to take advantage of the freight-only services between Teesport in the north east of England & Rotterdam and Zeebrugge as well as Tilbury & Zeebrugge. Although the freight-only services are aimed primarily at the unaccompanied market, limited driver spaces are available and can be booked through Ferrysavers.

    On the Irish Sea, P&O Ferries offer crossings between Liverpool & Dublin, Larne & Cairnryan and Larne & Troon.

    Drivers onboard P&O Ferries vessels enjoy a wealth of facilities, including designated driver restuarants, showers and freight lounges, ensuring drivers arrive at their destination feeling relaxed and refreshed. Drivers travelling on the overnight services are entitled to a complementary cabin and meals.

    Travelling with a van?

    All private use vans exceeding 6.5m in length must be booked as freight. If commercial goods are being carried you must book as freight, regardless of the length. If your van is less than 6.5m and you are not carrying commercial goods, please visit our passenger P&O Ferries page.

    Please note, for Irish Sea services there is also a height restriction of 1.8m

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