Dodekanisos Seaways



Dodekanisos Seaways ferries to and around the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese. Using Dodekanisos Seaways ferries you can take a ferry to Rhodes, a ferry to Kos and a ferry to Patmos island. Dodekanisos Seaways ferries are not currently available on, but will be available to book soon.

To find alternative cheap routes and services you can either search for a specific ferry using our book by route engine, or you can compare ferry deals between the islands of the Dodecanese by using our real-time comparison engine above. For alternative operators to Dodekanisos Seaways please see the list to the right including Blue Star Ferries and Agoudimos Lines.

Dodekanisos Seaways was established in 1999 to provide ferry services between the Dodecanese Islands, helping to increase tourism and trade and easing the isolation felt by many living in the region. Dodekanisos Seaways uses its two high-speed catamarans, Dodekanisos Express and Dodekanisos Pride, to provide daily sailings around the region, including to the islands of Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos and Symi.


Dodekanisos Seaways ferry

Dodekanisos Seaways
Dodekanisos Seaways

Dodekanisos Seaways ferry Ports

Kalymnos Ferry Port
Kos Ferry Port
Leros Ferry Port
Lipsi Ferry Port
Patmos Ferry Port
Rhodes Ferry Port
Symi Ferry Port
Tilos Ferry Port

Dodekanisos Seaways - Map of Routes

Dodekanisos Seaways - Map of Routes

Alternative Operators

Agoudimos Lines Agoudimos Lines
Blue Star Ferries Blue Star Ferries
Minoan Lines Minoan Lines
Sea Service Sea Service
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