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With Ferrysavers you can find your ideal cheap J R Kyushu Beetle Ferry between Japan and South Korea. With J R Kyushu Beetle Ferry, you can book a ferry to Fukuoka and Busan.

Just use Ferrysavers' real-time comparison engine to find the specific J R Kyushu Beetle Ferry crossing you are after, or compare the whole ferry market by operator, route and time.

J R Kyushu Beetle Ferry

In its 20-year history, the Beetle has marked a service rate of 97%. There's almost no stopping the Beetle, no matter what the weather brings!

At the front and back, the Beetle is equipped with two hydrofoils, which lift the hull of the moving vessel from the water surface (foil-borne). Since the ship moves above the water, it tends to avoid the influence of waves. During a voyage, the automatic level-stabilizer and sensors installed in various parts of the Beetle control the position and sway of the hull. As a result, the Beetle gives little sway so there is no worry about sea-sickness during your trip.

J R Kyushu Beetle Ferry Sailing Information & Ferry Times

Sorry, we don't have any sailing information or timetables at the moment. This might be because this route is seasonal or we don't sell it at the moment. For a wide range of alternatives, type your destination into the booking form above.

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