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Panarea (called "Hycesia" during the Hellenic Age) is located in the Aeolian Islands is one of the most scenic of the islands in the archipelago. The island of Panarea is the second smallest of the Aeolian group is set on an ancient, inactive volcano. Despite it being less lively than the other islands it still attracts a large number of tourists and houses a variety of attractions. The Panarea ferry port is located in the village of San Pietro which is the main commercial point on the island. There are thermal springs near the village of Punta di Peppe e Maria. Scuba diving is a popular excursion on this tiny island, and you can even swim to a shipwreck between the offshore rocks of Lisca Bianca and Bottaro.

  • Napoli - Panarea

    • 1 x Foot Passenger(s) Return
      Travel: 25/06/2017 - 26/06/2017
    • from: £72
    • SNAV
    • passenger(s)

Panarea Ferry Times & Sailing Information

  • Napoli - Panarea (SNAV)

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • from 5hrs 5mins
    • SNAV
  • Panarea - Napoli (SNAV)

    • Timetable
    • up to 2 crossings per day
    • from 5hrs 20mins
    • SNAV

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Panarea Addresses


Scalo Ditella , I - 98050 Panarea , Italy.

Ustica Lines

Panarea, 98055 Lipari ME, Italy.

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