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The port of Saint-Nazaire is important to the town and offers access to the whole of the Western Loire region of France, including the city of Nantes. The port has a long and distinguished history, and today has become the principle port for commercial and passenger traffic to Nantes, replacing the port on the River Loire in the city centre.

The port was very important during World War II. It was the site of one of the biggest submarine pens and dry docks for the German navy on the Western Atlantic. The submarine pens still stand today and make a fascinating tourist attraction. There is also a nuclear submarine that you can go and visit. The port is now important for ship building, and there are frequently cruise liners being built around the ship yard.

Airplane building is also important to modern Saint-Nazaire, and the town is involved in making parts for the new Airbus. This is a popular tourist attraction, though visitors will need to have passport proof of ID before being allowed to take part in the tour. Of course, one of the most popular reasons ferry passengers travel to Saint Nazaire is to travel across the Loire to visit Nantes.

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Saint Nazaire Addresses

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Gare Maritime, zone portuaire, Rue des Evens, 44550 Montoir de Bretagne, France.