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Bar Routes

  • Bari to Bar / Bar to Bari
    1 crossings weekly
    11 hr

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Bar is the major seaport of Montenegro and is a fantastic city to go to for a Mediterranean holiday that isn't in Greece or Italy. As well as having many churches, monasteries and mosques that are incredibly beautiful and very popular tourist attractions, Bar is also the home of King Nikola's Castle, a popular site to go to where you can learn about the in-depth and intriguing history of this nation, and if you like, talk the short walk to Stari Bar, the old city fortress that is in an interesting family day out.

Bar's landscape is full of citrus trees such as lemons, oranges, tangerines and grapefruits, and the city specialises in cusine using citrus fruits. There are also some superb beaches in the city, albeit cobbled, but the nearby town of Sutomore is a highly-recommended excursion where you can enjoy the long, golden sand beach along the Montenegrin Riviera, and perhaps even do a bit of diving or watersports.

The city is also amazingly clean with lots of green space, such as parks, meadows and courtyards, for you to wonder around in and enjoy, whilst at night, Bar comes alive with fantastic restaurants, bars and clubs opening and partying the night away. Remember to visit the Skadar Lake whilst there and the oldest olive tree in the world - it's almost 2,500 years old!

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Port Addresses

Montenegro Lines

Obala 13. jula bb, Bar, 85000, Montenegro


Obala 13. jula bb, Bar, 85000, Montenegro

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