Camellia Line

Camellia Line
  • Camellia Line Co. LTD
    Camellia Line Co. LTD

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Using Ferrysavers you can book a cheap Camellia Line ferry to Busan or a Camellia Line ferry to Fukuoka.

Use Ferrysavers' real-time comparison engine to find the specific Camellia Line ferry you are after, you can compare the whole ferry market by operator, route and time and find information on Camellia Line ferry ports and routes to the right.

Camellia Line provides long crossings between South Korea and Japan, allowing time to relax and sleep. This is a foot passenger only route, although bicycles can be booked too. Ferrysavers always has cheap prices for Camellia Line Ferries and the latest special offers.


Check-in Information

Check in is at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

Shortest Crossing:

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Special Offers

Camellia Line Routes

    Camellia Line

    Camellia Line has all the facilities you would expect on a modern ferry. Cabins are available to book if you want some privacy or to catch some sleep on the long journey.

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