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  • MS Finlandia is one of the largest passenger ferries sailing the Baltic Sea
    MS Finlandia is one of the largest passenger ferries sailing the Baltic Sea

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Sail between Estonia and Finland with Eckerö Line. Here at Ferrysavers not only will we show you Eckerö Line routes, but we also compare prices and times for alternative ferry companies on the same routes, such as Tallink Silja & Viking Line, so you are sure to get the best price and your preferred sailing. Eckerö Line sail from Helsinki (Finland) to Tallinn (Estonia) with 3 crossings daily. Departures are available from Helsinki at 9:00am, 3.15pm and 9:40pm and from Tallinn at 6.00am, 12.00 and 18.30pm.

With Ferrysavers you can book an Eckerö Line sailing to and from Helsinki and Tallinn. For all Eckerö Line Ferries routes and sailing times see below.

Eckerö Line Routes

Eckerö Line offers connections from Helsinki-Tallinn and Tallinn-Helsinki with 3 daily crossings of about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

On board Eckerö Line Ferries

The MS Finlandia is one of the largest passenger ferries sailing the Baltic Sea, carrying 2,080 passengers. MS Finlandia is the only passenger ferry on Helsinki-Tallinn route offering live entertainment on all day-time departures. Business Lounge available - with drinks, snacks, sandwiches, fruits and drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine) and very fast WIFI in private lounge. Book meals in the Eckerö Buffet in advance and get a discount (on board prices are higher). MS Finlandia offers full Finnish buffet in Eckerö Buffet, tasty sandwiches, salads and hot meals in Café/Bistro and several bars with drinks and snacks, during summer time also outdoors! On the 8th deck, there is the Eckerö Buffet, Bar Nosturi, Bar Laituri, Pub Telakka and Cafeteria Satama. For more privacy on board, book a private and comfortable cabin with a window to enjoy the sea views of the Baltic Sea! The company caters for both passenger and freight traffic between the two countries.

Whether you choose the Eckerö Line Helsinki-Tallinn ferry or the Eckerö Line Tallinn-Helsinki route, you are sure to have a great ferry crossing with Eckerö Line Ferries.

Eckerö Line Routes

Eckerö Line Ports


  • Tallinn

    Port Address: Passenger Harbour, A - Terminal
    Harbour 25 - 2, Tallinn

    Tallinn Port


  • Helsinki

    Port Address: Helsinki, Länsiterminaali T2 (Western Harbour, Terminal 2), Tyynenmerenkatu 14, 00220

    Helsinki Port


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