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Special Offers

Quickly book a cheap ferry to Hitakatsu from Busan here at Ferrysavers. On this page you can securely book a ferry from Hitakatsu, in Tsushima Island, with the ferry company Kobee. Hitakatsu is a popular access point for Tsushima Island for people travelling in from South Korea.

Find the latest information on cheap Hitakatsu ferries, including ticket prices, crossing times and availability with Ferrysavers. Quickly compare Hitakatsu ferries to Busan.

Here, at Ferrysavers, comparing prices is our speciality. Depending on the route you choose, we may compare prices for Hitakatsu with Izuhara to help you get the best price and time for your trip to or from Tsushima Island.

Hitakatsu ferries with Kobee are known for modern facilities and high levels of service, so you will feel like your holiday has begun the second you step on board.

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Hitakatsu Port, , Japan

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