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Kagoshima Routes

  • Ibusuki to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Ibusuki
    Tane Yaku Jetfoil operates ferry crossings on the route Ibusuki - Kagoshima
    7 crossings weekly
    45 min
  • Kametoku to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Kametoku
    0 crossings daily
    15 hr 30 min
  • Motobu to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Motobu
    0 crossings daily
    23 hr 10 min
  • Naha to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Naha
    0 crossings daily
    25 hr 30 min
  • Naze to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Naze
    0 crossings daily
    11 hr 10 min
  • Nishinoomote to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Nishinoomote
    Tane Yaku Jetfoil operates ferry crossings on the route Nishinoomote - Kagoshima
    1 crossings daily
    1 hr 35 min
  • Osaka to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Osaka
    7 crossings weekly
    15 hr
  • Wadomari to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Wadomari
    0 crossings daily
    17 hr 50 min
  • Yakushima to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Yakushima
    Tane Yaku Jetfoil operates ferry crossings on the route Yakushima - Kagoshima
    3 crossings daily
    2 hr 35 min
  • Yoron to Kagoshima / Kagoshima to Yoron
    0 crossings daily
    20 hr 20 min

Special Offers

Kagoshima prefecture is located at the south end of Kyushu, which is the southernmost of the four main islands in Japan. Kagoshima is the capital city of Kagoshima Prefecture in the island of Kyushu in Japan. Kagoshima prefecture is one of Japan's leading tourist destination blessed with tourist resources such as the islands including a registered world natural heritage Yakushima Island. It's famous for its active stratovolcano, Sakurajima. It's current population is more than 605,000 people. It also serves as Japan's food supply base, producing a wealth of quality agricultural and marine products. On the other hand, it has a concentration of sophisticated electronics-related industrial technologies and is the only prefecture in Japan that has a rocket launching facility, which assembles the cream of modern science. The city has large shopping areas and malls, many restaurants and a modern aquarium has been installed with a view to the volcano.

Below you can find all the Kagoshima ferry timetables, journey times as well as our best prices.

Ferries to and from Kagoshima

If you would like to get to/from Kagoshima, Marix Line Ferries has two standard and casual ferries offering the facilities that you need to have a relaxing journey including comfortable cabins.

Alternatively, you can use A"line Ferries for your trip.

In general, they start around 18:00 (Kagoshima) and reaches around 19:00 (Naha). There are one or two days/week which both companies do not run their ships. Other 5-6 days, one of them operate the ships. The non-operating days are different depending on the dates.

Kagoshima Map

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Port Addresses

A Line Ferry

Jonancho 45-1, Kagoshimashi, Kagoshima, 892-0835, Japan

Marix Line

892-0835 Jyonan cho 45-1, Kagoshima shi, Kagoshima ken, Japan

Tane Yaku Jetfoil

Ibusuki - Minato 4-1274-15, Minato, Ibusuki, 891-0405, Japan

Tane Yaku Jetfoil

Ibusuki - Minato 4-1274-15, Minato, Ibusuki, 891-0405, Japan

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