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Malmö Routes

  • Copenhagen to Malmo / Malmo to Copenhagen
    184 crossings daily
    10 min
  • Travemunde to Malmo / Malmo to Travemunde
    2 crossings daily
    8 hr 45 min

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Malmö is the capital and most populous city in Skåne County, and the third largest city in Sweden. Malmö is called the City of Parks, and of all Swedish cities it has the highest concentration of restaurants per capita. That's why the city is also very famous for its food. Over one million people visited Malmö each year, and you will understand why, when you are here.

Malmö has a few popular bathing places: Scaniabadet, Ribersborgsstrand, Sibbarp, Klagshamn. They are all located at the coast of Öresund. Two beaches have nice white sand, one a great green area and the other two spacious wooden decks. The water is very good, that they even can display Blue Flag. The beaches are also popular walking areas all year long.

Visiting Malmö has never been easier. With the bridge - Öresundsbron - between Malmö and Copenhagen (Denmark), two of northern Europe's most expansive areas are joined together.

Malmö's has got rich cultural life. It gives you a continental city with a multicultural atmosphere well worth visiting and enjoying the experience!

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Oresund Bridge, Malmö, Sweden


  • 21 Sep 2019
    Value for money
    • Considering the price from Hook to Harwich, excellent value for money

      Review by Anon

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