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Mokpo is located in the southwestern coastal region of South Korea. It may be small, but it is an important trading port, connecting the peninsula to the island of Jeju. Ferries from Mokpo can be booked easily through Ferrysavers.

Mokpo city has got lots of points of interests, such as: Gatbawi Rock - a prominent natural monument, as well as a number of cultural experiences offered at the National Maritime Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Ceramic Livingware Museum, and the Culture Arts Center.

Mokpo also marks the center of the starting point of the two major national roads of the nation and has a monument to commemorate it. National Road 1 stretches north from Mokpo through Seoul and up to Sinuiju, while National Road 2 originates in Shinan and Mokpo before heading east to Busan.

Getting to Mokpo port

From Mokpo Airport, there is a bus that runs to Mokpo Train Station. Buses and taxis run from the train station to the ferry port which takes around 5 minutes, or you can take a 20 minute walk.

From Mokpo Bus Terminal, take Bus No.1. This will take around half an hour to reach the ferry port.

Checking in

As the routes from Mokpo are domestic, the check-in process is quite simple. Foot passengers are asked to arrive at the passenger terminal at least 30 minutes before departure. Passengers travelling with vehicles are asked to arrive at the appropriate departure gate at least 2-3 hours before departure for ticket issuance and boarding.

Mokpo Map

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Port Addresses

SeaWorld Express Ferries

10-6 Haeandong 1(il)-ga, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

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