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Positano is situated in the Campania region of Italy, on the Amalfi Coast. It began as a fishing settlement last century, and ended it as a popular, and rather chi-chi resort. It is extremely famous for its hotels and boutiques as well as for the winding stairways that connect the town, and the towering cliffs above. The holiday's season runs approximately from June to the end of September. The town is still alive and pleasant outside that period, although bus and ferry services could be reduced. If you want to avoid the crowds, October/November is a great time to visit. There is so much to do in Positano. Over the years Positano has also become renowned for its fashion in linen clothes, leather shoes and leather handbags - a real treat for women who enjoy a little window shopping. If you get bored of shopping, eating and relaxing, you can find several churches of interest, most notably the Duomo by the beach, with its green and gold dome. The white-and-gold interior is airy and attractive and merits a visit, and the tiny piazza outside, where boys kick footballs around, is pure Italian.

Getting to Positano

To get to Positano is not difficult. Positano is on the bus route between Amalfi and Sorrento. It takes about an hour from Amalfi along the winding coast road, and half an hour from Sorrento. The blue SITA buses stop twice in Positano: the first stop from Sorrento, direction is at the junction of the coastal road with Viale Pasitea, the second is at the junction with Via Cristoforo Colombo. You can easily buy your tickets at bars or newsagents before the bus arrives, and validate them in the machine provided onboard the bus. Positano is also accessible by sea or you can take a water taxi or ferry (and many of them won't run out of season).

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Port Addresses


Via Marina Grande, , 84017 Positano SA, , Italy

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