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St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg) a European cultural centre, and home to a major port on the Baltic Sea. Russia's "Window on the West", St. Petersburg was built on reclaimed marshland in a formerly deserted area by Tsar Peter the Great. His passion for boats and sailing, he was a skilled ship builder himself, meant that the estuary city was without bridges for the first 20 years of its life to enable the free passage of ships between the 18 islands that make up St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Russian capital until it was threatened by the advancing German armies in 1917, forcing the move of the capital city back to the much older Moscow. As a result it has a rich architectural heritage, including the famous Winter Palace and Nevsky Prospect, today the heart of the city's nightlife. Peter himself is commemorated in the statue of the Bronze Horseman in Decembrist Square. Today St. Petersburg is a thriving destination, with numerous parks and over 200 museums, as well as a burgeoning music and art scene.

Visa requirements

Visitors from the EU should note that Russian visa regulations are very strict and can be complicated. A recent change in the law has allowed visitors to stay in Russia for up to 72 hours without a Visa, providing they arrive and leave by ferry and use the St Peter Line approved Tour Bus. For those wishing to stay longer, a Visa will be required. Russian visas require an invitation from a resident of Russia before they can be processed - most hotels will be happy to supply this information. Please note that if you are entering Russia on a visa, you will also need to provide proof of insurance - most travel insurance companies are able to supply the relevant paperwork. If at all in doubt, please check with before booking with the Foreign Office.

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Port Addresses

St Peter Line

Vasilyevsky ostrov, Marina station, Sq. Morskoi Slavy, Russia

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