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Trapani is the smallest of the Egadi islands. Its small fishing village, containing just 220 inhabitants, sits at the entrance to the valley running south-north through the island. Levanzo is a steep, rugged island, which supports little life.

Levanzo is all about the simple pleasures in life and apart from eating a delicious meal and spending time in the harbour with the friendly locals, a walk and a swim is a delightful way to pass the time. A boat trip around the island is an ideal way of seeing Levanzo that would otherwise require a day-long trek to visit. Levanzo is the perfect destination for the tourist who seeks peace and solitude in the sole company of nature.

In the Mediterranean, you won't find many places more romantic than Trapani. Blessed with long stretches of beach, perfect for coastal walks and plenty of ancient sites to explore and find yourself immersed in history.

By night, you will witness some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe. Make sure you get a good vantage point, preferably in a beach side restaurant, facing the West.

Trapani port facilities

The main ferry terminal in Trapani is situated opposite Piazza Garibaldi. The terminal equipped with everything the passengers might need. You can find the following facilities: a reception desk, a money exchange office, security control, an information point, bus stop area, self service, a news-agency's office, an internet point, WC

Getting to Trapani port

Trapani is on the western side of Sicily. From the centre of Trapani, the port is easily reachable with a 40 minute walk or a short taxi ride. From Palermo, follow motorway A29 and once you enter Trapani follow directions to the port. The main terminal is located opposite Piazza Garibaldi, at the end of Via Ammiraglio Staiti.

About Trapani

Miles and miles of beaches make Trapani the perfect city for sun seekers, and the shallow waters offer a great place to swim for young children. The beautiful watch towers and windmills make up the skyline and that is just a small part of what Trapani is all about.

An ancient yet modern city, Trapani is home to the Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, as well as numerous churches. In amongst this rich history you will find modern shops and amenities, including an abundance of beachside restaurants.

Most shops and bisinesses in Trapani generally open from Monday to Saturday from around 8am until 1pm, then break for lunch and reopen again from 4pm through to 7.30pm or 8pm latest. On Mondays shops work only in the morning, and closed all day Sunday, however in the tourist areas, Sunday opening is becoming more common.

Trapani Map

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Port Addresses


Port of Trapani, Sicily, Italy, I - 91100, Italy

Tirrenia di Navigazione

Port of Trapani, Sicily, Italy, I - 91100, Italy

Liberty Lines

Port of Trapani, Sicily, Italy, I - 91100, Italy

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