Tsugaru Kaikyo

  • Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferries
    Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferries

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  • Travel between Aomori, Oma and Hakodate with Tsugaru Kaikyo
    Travel between Aomori, Oma and Hakodate with Tsugaru Kaikyo

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Tsugaru Kaikyo Routes

  • Aomori to Hakodate / Hakodate to Aomori
    8 crossings daily
    3 hr 40 min
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  • Hakodate to Oma / Oma to Hakodate
    2 crossings daily
    1 hr 30 min
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How long before departure should I arrive for Tsugaru Kaikyo?

Check-in Information

Check in is at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

Tsugaru Kaikyo Ports


  • Aomori

    Port Address: Aomori ferry terminal
    038-0002 Aomori-ken, Aomori-shi, Okidate 2-12-1

    Aomori Port

  • Oma

    Port Address: Oma ferry terminal
    039-4601, Aomori-ken, Shimokita-gun, Oma-machi, Netanai 10

    Oma Port

  • Hakodate

    Port Address: Hakodate ferry terminal
    041-0821 Hokkaido, Hakodateshi, Minatocho 3-19-2

    Hakodate Port


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