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Vila do Porto is located on the island of Santa Maria, which is one of Azores islands in Portugal. The Santa Maria island is the third smallest island of the Azores, known as the yellow island. Vila do Porto is the oldest settlement in the Azores. The population of Vila do Porto is about 3,119. You can easily book your ferry journey from Villa do Porto to Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel, also part of the Azores islands with Ferrysavers.

Villa do Porto port facilities

Villa do Porto ferry port is a very basic ferry harbour. The town is situated near by the harbour and therefore you will be able to find everything you need before boarding the ferry.

Getting to Villa do Porto

Villa do Porto ferry port can be easily accessed via roads. If you have arrived by plane and are planning of catching the ferry to Ponta Delgada, then there is one main road the whole way. A bus service runs daily around the island and taxis are also available when required.

Vila do Porto Map

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Port Addresses


Porto de Vila do Porto, 9580 - Vila do Porto, Ilha de Santa Maria, Portugal

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