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  • Or ferries between Zante and Brindisi and from Zante to Corfu (one way only) from Agoudimos Lines
  • Plus you can find a cheap ferry deal on the routes between Zakynthos and Corfu, Zakynthos and Brindisi or Zakynthos and Sami with European Seaways

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About Zakynthos

Zakynthos( Zante) is one of the Ionian Islands, which lies roughly 20 km off the west coast of the Peloponnese in Greece. The port of Zante, is well-known as a beautiful coastal town. It is one of the most popular Greek islands. Triangular in shape Zante island has three distinct geographical areas: the north west is mountainous with quaint traditional mountain villages, the central region is a fertile plain rich with olive groves and vineyards and the south east is characterised by beautiful beaches.

There is something for everyone here. You can find numerous sandy beaches, mountain villages preserving the traditional Greek life style, beautiful natural scenery, water sports and good quality restaurants, bars and nightclubs here, for all your entertainment needs. The locals welcome tourists with open arms and offer them the hospitality which Greece is famous for.

Zakynthos Map

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Port Addresses

European Sealines

Lomvardou, Zakinthos 291 00, Greece

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