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The Port of Zarubino is a very small port in Russia. It is part of the Primorsky Krai, which today, has the largest economy in the Russian Far East.

Advantageous geographical location of the Port of Zarubino predetermines its significant role in overseas and short-sea shipping traffic in Asia-Pacific region. Major foreign traffic flows link the port with South Korea, Japan and etc.

It also happens to be one of Russia's greatest wandering cities. Sopki, long-dead volcanic hills, give the place patchwork layer-cake effect. Buildings rise from different levels and eras: a gutted wooden house at the foot of a Krushchevsky apartment block, then a shiny new disco club, and beyond that, sea and sky.

Zarubino is influenced by cold, dry continental air in the winter. Temperatures at this time of year are well below freezing even on the coast. Summers are mild and wet, with warm monsoon rains frequently arriving from the south. August is the warmest month. The mixing of arctic and subtropical influences is made evident in the great diversity of the region's flora and fauna, including the rare Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard.

Ferries to and from Zarubino

Stena Daea Line offer a service between Vladivostok and Sokcho in South Korea. On board with Stena Daea Line you will find a perfect blend of traditional Stena Line facilities with all the mod cons you would expect to see from a service on the East Sea of Japan. Stena Daea Line is part of Stena Line, the largest ferry logistics company in the world. Stena Line serves a number of popular routes in Europe, and the Stena Daea Line service maintains the same high standards.

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Port Addresses

Stena Daea Line

Molodezhnaya 7 Khasan District Zarubino, Primorskiy Kray, 692763, Russia

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