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Split ferry port handles a very large amount of passenger traffic with 4 million passengers a year. Split ferry port features daily coastal routes to Italy and connects most of the Dalmatian islands.

Split (also known as Spalato in Italian) is the largest and most important city in Dalmatia and the second largest city in Croatia. It is situated on a small peninsula on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea. Split is also one of the oldest cities in the area and is considered just over 1700 years old, it boasts many medieval sites; its historic centre was included into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Split is considered to be one of the centres of Croatian culture. Split has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters. It is also one of the sunniest places in Europe.

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Split Addresses


Gat Sv Duje Bb Trajektni Term, HR - 2100 Spalato - Split, Croatia.


Ulica Gat Svetog Duje , 21000, Split, Croatia.

Blue Line

Gat. sv. Duje bb (Ferry terminal), Obala Lazareta 3 , 21000, Croatia.

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