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  • Tallink run ferries between Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland), Mariehamn (Aland Islands) and Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Tallink also have ferries between Stockholm and Riga (Latvia)
  • And Tallink run ferries between Helsinki and Rostock (Germany)
  • The Silja Line (as a Tallink subsiduary) routes between Helsinki, Stockholm, the Aland Islands and Turku can be booked in the engine above. For more details please see our Silja Line page

Tallink is market leader for cruise-style ferry crossings across the Baltic Sea, with routes between Finland, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. Tallink is the brand name for AS Tallink Grupp, which also owns Silja Line, which it obtained in 2006. Between these two brands Tallink offers cruise-ferries on routes all over the Baltic Sea.

Tallink has 11 cruise-ferries, each well equipped to provide comfortable and enjoyable crossings across the Baltic. Tallink prides itself on having the most modern fleet in the Baltic. Onboard you'll find à la carte restaurants, cafés, pizzerias, plenty of shops and spacious cabins. On longer journeys there's also bars, nightly entertainment and sauna and spa facilities for you to enjoy.




Tallink Ports

Helsinki Ferry Port
Mariehamn Ferry Port
Riga Ferry Port
Rostock Ferry Port
Stockholm Ferry Port
Tallinn Ferry Port

Tallink - Map of Routes

Tallink - Map of Routes

Alternative Operators

Scandlines Scandlines
Silja Line Silja Line
Stena Line Stena Line
Viking Line Viking Line
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