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Al Hoceima Routes

  • Motril to Al Hoceima / Al Hoceima to Motril
    2 crossings weekly
    8 hr 30 min

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The name Al Hoceima comes from the Spanish word Al Hoceima which means lavender . This place is very popular among both Moroccans and European tourists for its beautiful beaches and delicious seafood.

Located in the centre of the Rif Mountains in Morocco, Al Hoceima is primarily a beach resort along the north coast of Africa. Unlike many Moroccan towns, Al Hoceima looks very much like an old Spanish town, as the Spanish created the settlement. Many of the people that live in Al Hoceima also live a Spanish way of life; like any Spanish town, the residents take siestas (afternoon naps) half way through the day, and take paseos (long, lazy afternoon strolls) through the main town, which is highly influenced by historic Spanish architecture. Playa Quemado is the main beach in the city, situated between two dramatic cliffs, and is perfect for relaxing afternoons by the shore.

Al Hoceima port facilities

The port of Al Hoceima is located in the east of the city at Al Hoceima Bay, the port is within close distance of the town as well as being driving distance away from the towns of Tetouan and Nador. A small port, Al Hoceima is always full of ferries and fishing boats and on the port harbour there is a bustling fish market, as well as a quay dedicated to the Royal Navy.

Al Hoceima bay also has crystal clear waters where you may see a variety of dolphin species that swim around the bay. Boats often take tourists out to view the dolphins. Visiting the Port of Al Hoceima is an entertaining and relaxing experience with a variety of attractions and breathtaking adventures. Even though it is not a port for commercial traffic, it is significant to the tourist industry and the economy of the town. The natural surroundings and beautiful waters of the bay makes the Al Hociema port one of the most picturesque ports in Morocco.

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