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Nador Routes

  • Almeria to Nador / Nador to Almeria
    7 crossings weekly
    7 hr 30 min
  • Barcelona to Nador / Nador to Barcelona
    1 crossings weekly
    27 hr
  • Sète to Nador / Nador to Sète
    1 crossings weekly
    40 hr
  • Sète to Nador / Nador to Sète
    1 crossings weekly
    38 hr

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About Nador

Nador is home to a mediterranean port on the Bhar Amezzyan lagoon which is an important trading centre for fish, fruit, and livestock as well as a busy ferry port.

Nador's economy has undergone a period of strong growth in recent years, and is a popular tourist destination for many Moroccans from the region who have immigrated to Europe. Their return and the recent efforts to encourage foreign tourism and improve the city centre provide a welcome boost to the city during the summer months and help generate a welcoming and vibrant holiday atmosphere.

Nador Map

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Port Addresses


La Route del Port, N25 Beni-Enzar, Morocco

Grandi Navi Veloci

La Route del Port, BP91 Beni-Enzar, Morocco

Naviera Armas

La Route del Port, Beni-Enzar, Morocco


La Route del Port, N26 Beni-Enzar, Morocco

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