Algérie Ferries

Algérie Ferries
  •  Algérie Ferries
    Algérie Ferries

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  • Algérie Ferries
    Algérie Ferries

  • Algérie Ferries
    Algérie Ferries

Find your ideal cheap Algérie Ferries crossing between Algeria, France and Spain. There are Algerie ferries to Marseille, as well as Algerie ferries to Algiers (Alger) and also an Algérie Ferries' ferry service to Oran (Ouran). You can book easily and quickly online with Ferrysavers.

Use the Ferrysavers booking engine to find the specific Algérie Ferries crossing you are after, compare the whole ferry market by operator, route and time. Find information on Algérie Ferries ports and routes.

  • Algérie Ferries run their services between Marseille (southern France) and Algiers, Oran, Skikda, and Bejaia. They also have ferry routes to Annaba (all on northern coast of Algeria)
  • Algérie Ferries also operate Alicante ferries that go from and to Alicante, Algiers and Oran


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Check-in is at least 5 hours prior to departure for all passengers.

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    Algérie Ferries

    Algérie Ferries is the operating name of ENTMV (Entreprise Nationale de Transport Maritime de Voyageurs), which is owned by the Algerian state. Algérie Ferries specialise in the transport of passengers, vehicles and transport between Algeria, France and Spain.

    Algérie Ferries has 4 main ships, the El Djazair II, Tariq ibn Ziyad, Tassili II and Ariadne (all serving excellent Algerian food), and also charter more during the European summer holiday season when passenger volumes peak. Many of the passengers are Algerians who live and work in Europe returning for a vacation.

    Please note; As Algérie Ferries work in partnership with SNCM, their routes appear in the booking engine above under the name 'SNCM'.


    • 10 Sep 2019
      • Is good over all but the WiFi on board problem , need More toiles and shower

        Review by RAFIK KHEMILI

    • 10 Jan 2019
      Needs upgrades
      • Bathrooms need a huuuuge upgrade No soap No locks No tissue Unclean Wet floors (unsafe) No cleaning staff

        Review by Anon

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