Ancona Igoumenitsa Ferry

  • Ancona Igoumenitsa Ferry
    Ancona Igoumenitsa Ferry

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  • Ancona Igoumenitsa Ferry
    Ancona Igoumenitsa Ferry

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Ancona Information

The ferry port of Ancona is located on Italy's Adriatic coast, in the central region of Marche. The city of Ancona is easily accessible by rail and has roads running directly from Milan, Bologna and Rome that all run through or near the city. Ancona was founded from Syracuse about 390 BC. Its name is a modified transliteration of the Greek word for "elbow"; in fact, originally, the harbour to the east of the town was protected only by the promontory on the north, shaped like an elbow.

Ancona houses many amazing sights to explore, such as the marble Arch of Trajan located at the causeway on top of the harbour wall. The arch is on a high podium approached by a wide flight of steps and is an impressive landmark for arriving ships.

The town also features the Lazaretto and the fine late Gothic buildings of the churches of San Francesco and San Agostino and the Cathedral church of Saint Ciriaco, a fine Romanesque building in grey stone. Also interesting is the archaeological museum, which contains interesting pre-Roman objects from tombs in the district, and two Roman beds with fine decorations in ivory.

Igoumenitsa Information

Igoumenitsa ferry port is set in a small and quite picturesque town situated to the east of Corfu, on Igoumenitsas Bay in the north-west Greece in the Epirus province. Igoumenitsa ferry port represents an important ferry terminal and a tourist centre; it is one of Greece's gateways to Western Europe, and a major port of call for Adriatic maritime traffic.

Igoumenitsa has many natural attractions; charming beaches and mountains surrounding the town allowing a great range of outdoor activities. Igoumenitsa is also an important historical centre and was one of the most important towns of the kingdom of Thesprotis during the 4th century BC, many vestiges can still be found around the town.

The new port of Igoumenitsa was found in 2003, it is one of the most important ports in Greece. Ferries heading to Corfu, Paxi, Patra, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Venice depart from this port and connect Greece with Italy with frequent ferry itineraries. You are able to reach Igoumenitsa using the suburban (KTEL) buses of Greece. The bus station is situated next door to the port of Igoumenitsa. In case you have your own car, then you can take Egnatia Road and exit at Igoumenitsa. Travelling to and from Igoumenitsa by ferry is very easy as you'll find a big choice of services on this route.

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