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    Anek Lines Ferries

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Find your ideal cheap ANEK Lines ferry between Albania, Italy, Greece, Crete and the North Aegean, including ferries to Chania, ferries to Ancona, ferries to Durres, ferries to Bari, ferries to Piraeus and ferries to Igoumenitsa. You can book online easily and quickly with Ferrysavers.

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Anek Lines Ferries

Established in 1967, and with over 10 impressive, comfortable vessels in its fleet, ANEK Lines is well established as one of the leading Greek maritime operators. ANEK Lines was originally created by shareholders who were all inhabitants of Crete; they wanted to establish their own vessels in their local waters connecting the island to the rest of Greece. The development of the company has continued at an impressive rate and its large contemporary fleet and the company's unique character have established ANEK as a model for Europe.

Onboard, you will experience the well-known Cretan hospitality as well as the comfort of travelling on a modern vessel. ANEK Lines ferries are fast contemporary ships, with high standards in comfort, safety and luxury with bars, caf├ęs and restaurants serving Greek and international cuisine.

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