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Quickly book a cheap ferry from Bojden to the Danish island of Funen with Ferrysavers, with regular services to the port of Fynshav.

  • Using Ferrysavers you can easily and securely book a ferry from Bojden to Fynshav with Alsfaergen, one of Nordic Ferry's domestic ferry services in Denmark

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Bojden ferry port is situated on the island of Fyn (Funen) in the south-west. Although there are bridges linking Fyn to the surrounding islands, often time can be saved by catching the Bojden ferry.

Bojden ferry port is close to the picturesque coastal towns of Svenborg and Faaborg, and it is easy to travel to Bojden from the main town on Fyn, Odense, Denmark's 3rd largest city.

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Port Addresses


Bojden Landevej 49, Bojden, 5600 Fåborg, Denmark

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