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  • Sunflower Ferries
    Sunflower Ferries

    You can use Ferrysavers to book Sunflower Ferries around Japan!

  • Sunflower Ferries
    Sunflower Ferries

  • Sunflower Ferries
    Sunflower Ferries

Coronavirus ferry travel advice

Please note that the information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time we have received the same information from the Ferry Operators. The situation is changing rapidly and we will try to keep the website updated as soon as we receive updates from the ferry companies.

You can use Ferrysavers to book Sunflower Ferries around Japan. Sunflower Ferries operate large ships with a range of on board accommodation options. always has the latest deals and offers on Sunflower Ferries.

At Ferrysavers, we will be more than happy to help you to find your Sunflower Ferries to Beppu, Osaka, Kobe, Oita and Kagoshima.

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Check-in Information

Check-in is AT LEAST 2 hours prior to departure for all passengers.

Shortest Crossing:
Kobe - Oita
11 hr 20 min
Most Popular Route:

Special Offers

Ferry Sunflower Routes

  • Beppu to Osaka / Osaka to Beppu
    7 crossings weekly
    11 hr 50 min
  • Kagoshima to Osaka / Osaka to Kagoshima
    7 crossings weekly
    13 hr 45 min
  • Kobe to Oita / Oita to Kobe
    7 crossings weekly
    11 hr 20 min

On board of Sunflower ferries

Ferry Sunflower offers a wide range of on board accommodation for all price ranges. Shared tourist accommodation is perfect for backpackers, but if you need more privacy then private accommodation is available, including luxury deluxe rooms complete with all amenities you would expect in a hotel room. Each ship has a grand public bathroom, which is open to anyone in the morning or evening.

About Sunflower Ferries

Stunning panoramic views of Japan can be seen from all of Ferry Sunflower's vessels. Each ship is spacious making it a perfect choice of travel for families. Most sailings are overnight so if you make use of the accommodation available you will feel fresh and recharged when you reach your destination in the morning.

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