Inter Shipping Ferries

Inter Shipping Ferries
  • Inter Shipping Ferries
    Inter Shipping Ferries

    Book your cheap ferry crossing to Spain and Morocco, including cheap ferries to Algeciras, Tanger Med, Tarifa and also Tanger Ville with Ferrysavers!

  • Inter Shipping Ferries
    Inter Shipping Ferries

  • Inter Shipping Ferries
    Inter Shipping Ferries

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With Ferrysavers you can book Inter Shipping Ferries' fares to Spain and Morocco, including cheap ferries to Algeciras, Tanger Med, Tarifa and also to Tanger Ville.


Check-in Information

Check-in is at least 45 minutes before departure for all passengers.

Shortest Crossing:
Tanger Ville - Tarifa
1 hr
Most Popular Route:

Inter Shipping Ferries Routes

  • Tanger Ville to Tarifa / Tarifa to Tanger Ville
    4 crossings daily
    1 hr

Special Offers

Inter Shipping

Inter Shipping is a new company that began services in September 2012. Ferrysavers always has cheap prices for Inter Shipping Ferries and the latest special offers. You can use Ferrysavers to book Inter Shipping Ferries to Algeciras, Tanger, Tanger Ville and Algeciras. Inter Shipping Ferries operate two fast craft vessels and one conventional ferry.


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  • 01 Jul 2019
    Easier than we thought
    • Turn up, get on sail across on comfortable seats, have a fun day, and return. That's what we wanted, that's what we got. Not cheap but was worth the effort.

      Review by ROGER

  • 26 May 2019
    Pretty good.
    • Very good from Tara to Tanger, except long queue for passport stamping. Return trip was about 45 minutes late I leaving. Still allowing late cars and passengers to get on well after departure time. Speaking to staff it is ALWAYS late out of Tanger.

      Review by CLIVE RAINCOCK

  • 29 Apr 2019
    Day trip
    • Ship departure in Tanger was late 55 min.

      Review by SVEN SALBEN

  • 28 Mar 2019
    No complaints
    • Went smoother than expected.


  • 03 Mar 2019
    Rough seas!
    • The sea was very bad and we were the last ferry to go out and had to remain in our seats for most of the journey so didn't get a fair picture of the boat as a whole - but the staff were very friendly. The only thing I don't like at Tangier is that the agents with the tickets commandeer you and then ask for a tip - when you already have your ticket!

      Review by Anon

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