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Please note: NEL Lines is currently not bookable with Ferrysavers.

With Ferrysavers you can easily book NEL Lines ferries to Greece, the Cyclades islands and islands of the north-east Aegean, including cheap ferries to Tinos, Mykonos, Thessaloniki and Piraeus are not currently available on, but we are working hard to have them available soon.

To find alternative cheap routes and services you can use our real-time comparison engine above. For alternative ferries to NEL Lines please see the list to the right including Blue Star Ferries and Agoudimos Lines.

NEL Lines

For over 35 years NEL Lines has been providing ferry services across the Aegean between mainland Greece and the Greek islands. Established in 1972, NEL Lines is the leading operator for ferries to the islands of the North Aegean, and has the most modern fleet in the Mediterranean serving the Cycaldes Islands.

NEL Lines operates a fleet of 8 ferries, with a mixture of fast-ferries such as the Aeolos Kenteris I and Aeolos Kenteris II, which are amongst the fastest ferries in Greece, and large ferries, such as the Mytilene, which offer a wealth of comfortable cabins and entertainment.

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