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Thessaloniki ferry port is situated in the heart of the city, and is one of the biggest ports in Greece. It is well-equipped and has all the major facilities and amenities within the port. Even so, due to its location right next to the actual city, the port of Thessaloniki is near to almost all the facilities available in the city itself.

The city of Thessaloniki is home to beautiful beaches, incredible restaurants and the best hotels, as well some superb nightlife that takes place in most of the city's clubs, bars and tavernas - the area of Mylos is essentially a large entertainment complex that is full of bars and clubs that go on throughout the night. It is also home to the dominating Mount Olympus, which overlooks the whole city, and the Aristotelous Square, a very pretty city square with lots of shops, market stalls and cafes.

If you would like to explore the history of the city, then the Roman baths or the Palace of Galerius are the places for you with their incredible architecture and interesting histories. As well as these historical sites, there is also the vast amount of churches, cathedrals and monasteries which are almost around every corner.

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Port Addresses

Blue Star Ferries

Aktoploiko Limani, Thessaloniki 54625, Greece

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