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Starigrad Routes

  • Ancona to Stari Grad / Stari Grad to Ancona
    1 crossings weekly
    14 hr 15 min
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Stari Grad ferry ports is located on the northern side of the island of Hvar in the Dalmatian region of Croatia and offers direct links to Italy.

Stari Grad is a charming port town and one of the oldest in Europe. The most ancient part of Stari Grad falls within a UNESCO protected World Heritage Site. The town and its surroundings are in rich in archeological sites dating back to Prehistoric times, the Stari Grad Museum exhibits many artifacts found locally. Stari Grad boasts a large collection of Dominican churches and chapels, the Tvrdalj Castle and Trg Skor baroque square are worth the visit and the mediterranean climate makes Stari Grad a very relaxing place to stay.

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