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Book a cheap SNAV ferry to Italy, Croatia or Sicily with Ferrysavers, including ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans for the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Ferry routes toSplit in Croatia, Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Vulcano, Lipari, Ponza, Ventotene, ferries crossings to Naples (Napoli) and many other routes.

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  • SNAV (Società Navigazione Alta Velocità-High Speed Navigation Company) has a fast and modern fleet, consisting of hydrofoils, catamarans and cruise ferries.
  • With SNAV you can book ferries to Croatia, with departures from Ancona, and high-speed vessels for Aeolian Islands, the Pontine Islands and Gulf of Naples, from Naples.
  • SNAV Ships combine reliability and safety, high quality performance and great attention to interior details. On board the new ship Snav Adriatic active on the line Ancona - Split, you will find la carte restaurant, pizzeria Restaurant, Bar disco, Wine bar, Piano bar, Area shopping, Playground, Cinema, Sky television room, slot machines and casinos.
  • On board the SNAV ferry you will travel to Croatia with the ultimate in comfort, with cabins and suites suitable for all your travel needs and high quality onboard services.


Check-in Information

Foot Passengers must check in at least 2 hours prior to departure on international routes, and 1 hour on all other departures. Passengers with a vehicle must check in at least 2 hours before departure on all routes.

Shortest Crossing:
Naples - Stromboli
4 hr 30 min
Most Popular Route:

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SNAV Routes

  • Ancona to Split / Split to Ancona
    3 crossings weekly
    9 hr 30 min
  • Lipari to Naples / Naples to Lipari
    5 crossings weekly
    6 hr 50 min
  • Naples to Panarea / Panarea to Naples
    5 crossings weekly
    5 hr 5 min
  • Naples to Salina / Salina to Naples
    5 crossings weekly
    5 hr 35 min
  • Naples to Stromboli / Stromboli to Naples
    5 crossings weekly
    4 hr 30 min
  • Naples to Vulcano / Vulcano to Naples
    5 crossings weekly
    6 hr 10 min

SNAV has one of the fastest fleets in Europe. Hydrofoils and catamarans of up to 38 knots (about 70 mph), on board of which you can reach the beautiful Aeolian Islands, the Pontine islands or the islands of the Gulf of Naples with a navigation always safe and comfortable, and the opportunity to enjoy gourmet Mediterranean cuisine at the tables of the Self Service Restaurants, where prices are always convenient.

SNAV (Societa Navigazione Alta Velocita) is an Italian ferry operator who put the customer first, never neglecting quality service. SNAV are one of the largest ferry companies operating in southern Europe with services crossing the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Sea, connecting mainland Italy with Sicily, the Pontine Islands, Aeolian Islands, Ischia and Croatia.

SNAV's large fleet consists of cruise-ferries, high-speed craft and catamarans, and SNAV claims to have the fastest fleet in Europe, with its hydrofoils and high-speed catamarans capable of 38knots. These hydrofoils and catamarans have snack-bars and cafeterias, whilst the larger high-speed craft and catamarans also have a self-service restaurant, cinema, and shops. SNAV's cruise-ferries offer the latest in luxury, with à la carte restaurants, traditional pizzerias, a disco, wine bar, piano bar, cinema, shopping area, and spacious cabins

Pets on board SNAV ferries

You can book your cat or dog on board SNAV ferries with Note that that to take your pet to and from the UK to mainland Europe (excluding Ireland) you will need a pet passport.


  • 22 Jun 2019
    • The boat was clearly old but better for it in parts. However our cabin was appalling. One bed was pushed up against the wardrobe which then could not be opened without rearranging all the furniture. Would not have made any difference as there were no hangers. Also no curtains or blind, no hot water of any kind. One hot tap was broken and it gave no water at all. The other hot tap was cold water. There were no curtains nor blind at the window which could not be looked through as it was so dirty you could see nothing anyway . In Public areas carpets were filthy. Catering for evening session was quite satisfactory but Breakfast had two choices a croissant or no croissant. Unfortunately there appeared to be no alternatives on that route Ancona to Split Which is probably why it is so poor.

      Review by DENIS KIRTLEY

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