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Terracina is a pleasant seaside resort in the south of the Lazio region, between Rome and Naples. This modern town spreads out on the plain below the hills, along a wide sandy beach which attracts many summer visitors. Ferries depart from the port for the Pontine Islands. A boat-lined canal leads to the harbour from the bus station area, passing the fish-hall where crates are loaded with fresh fish, and wizened old salts sit and chat on a terrace.

Getting to Terracina

Terracina is reachable from both Rome and Naples and can be easily managed as a day trip from either city. The town does have its own railway station on a branch line, but it's only served by a couple of train services every day. There are buses direct from Rome, the journey takes just over two hours. For a speedier and more comfortable journey, however, the best method is to combine rail and bus travel. And if you are traveling from Ventotene - the ferry crossing is what you need. You can easily find a cheap ferry crossing with Ferrysavers.

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Port Addresses


Via del Molo, 40, 04019, Italy

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