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Alstrafikken operated a ferry service between Fynshav and Bojden in Denmark. Alstrafikken changed their name to Alsfaergen in October 2010, however, you can still book cheap ferries to Bojden with Alsfaergen using

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The Alsfaergen (Alstrafikken) service is daily and there are up to 13 sailings per day during the peak summer months. The average sailing time is 50 minutes. Passengers are advised that the latest check in is 15 minutes before departure.

Pets on board Alstrafikken ferries

You can book your cat or dog on board an Alstrafikken ferry with Alstrafikken provides on board accomodation for pets on their ships where pets must reside. This does not apply to guide dogs.

Note that to take your pet to and from the UK to mainland Europe (excluding Ireland) you will need a pet passport.

Check-in Information

Check-in closes 15 minutes prior to the advertised sailing time.


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