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Latest prices

Route Price Fare Details
Belfast - Cairnryan
(Stena Line)
  • Booked: Wednesday, 17 July 2019
  • Travel: Tuesday, 23 July 2019 (One Way)
  • Car + 1
Larne - Cairnryan
(P&O Ferries)
  • Booked: Sunday, 23 June 2019
  • Travel: Friday, 9 August 2019 (One Way)
  • Car + 1

Cairnryan Routes

The port at Cairnryan is only 5 miles from Starnraer, and has good road connections to Glasgow and a long-term car park. Cairnryan is a small Scottish village overlooking Loch Ryan in the south-west of Scotland, set amongst some glorious countryside. Cairnryan is mostly notable today for its large, modern ferry port, and has been of vital importance in maritime history, due to its use during the Second World War. During the War Cairnryan's port had three piers and a military railway constructed by the army linking the village with Stranraer. These developments along with its strategic position of being closer by sea to Northern Ireland paved the way for Cairnryan to be regarded as a vital Scottish port ever since.

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Port Addresses


  • 13 Jul 2019
    Car parking
    • I would like to see clearer identification numbers or letters on the car decks to make it easier to find my car at the end of the journey. All I could remember was to descend the RED stairs but when I arrived at what I hoped was my deck, I was uncertain if I should turn left or right to be reunited with my car. Passengers are disorientated slightly when they descend to the depths of a ship. At airports for example there are numerous numbers mounted on lamp posts which can be memorised by drivers to assist them relocate their vehicle.

      Review by ARTHUR GRAHAM

  • 10 Jul 2019
    Nice, comfortable cruise
    • Pleasant, safe journey. The amenities are very satisfactory and the staff professional. Journey went off without a hitch.

      Review by WALTER FERRIS

  • 08 Jul 2019
    48 hours in Ireland
    • Only disappointment was the return ferry from Larne. Seating was uncomfortable, food mediocre and general environment was poor

      Review by Anon

  • 04 Jul 2019
    OK trip
    • All ferries between mainland and Ireland are very expensive for what they are!

      Review by BARRIE HUNT

  • 25 Jun 2019
    Disabled journey
    • Staff at dock and staff onboard could not have been more helpful. Even managed to get us out so we could enjoy the view and sea air. Thank you .

      Review by LORRAINE FOREMAN