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The largest of the Pontine Islands, Ponza is likened by its visitors to a cheaper and less spoilt Capri. Ponza's ferry port and harbour is located in a gorgeous natural bay on the eastern side of the island. The port, and town, of Ponza, is extremely picturesque, with brightly coloured buildings set amongst some gorgeous scenery. It is no wonder that many famous celebrities have visited Ponza.

One of the biggest attractions of Ponza is the islands largest beach, the Spiaggia di Chiaia di Luna as well as a few small ones. The beaches golden sands and clear green-blue water make for a perfect place to relax and unwind. Ponza is also very famous for its Blue Grottos, which are believed to be created by the Etruscans, and some odd natural rock formations, one of them looks like a monk another like a patch of flowers

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Port Addresses


Banchina Molo di Fazio , I - 04027 Ponza , Italy

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